Sustainable Water and Energy Management

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Sustainable Water and Energy Management in Environmental Engineering

The network on “Sustainable Water and Energy Management in Environmental Engineering” will carry on the development work with the partner universities towards the goal to create and design new ways to approach Climate Change issues from a variety of perspectives.

Sharing of mutual knowledge on sustainable technologies for water and waste management, including the energy issues, and an intensive study week alongside with the production of virtual teaching material for mutual use has proved to be an excellent scheme for the work.

In both water and waste aspects the energy issues related to alternative technologies will be promoted. Clear goals to widen the environmental knowledge and skills within environmental engineering and management will be set by creating innovative activities through mutual intensive courses and theme days.

Every university will send students to an intensive study week, budget allowing, along with a teacher to participate and to share their best knowledge with the course participants.   


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Nordplus Higher education

The Nordplus Higher Education Programme offers possibilities which include students, teachers as well as other staff involved in teaching and education of specific Nordplus activities.

The programme comprises mobility grants for students and teachers, intensive courses for students to experience more than the usual classroom, teachers learning from each other and networking activities for developing innovative projects. These are the main activities of the Nordplus Higher Education Programme.

Nordplus "Express Mobility"

The minimum duration of an express mobility is one week (5 working days). The express mobility is intended to broaden the possibilities for students to study abroad for shorter periods in cases where longer periods are not possible.